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Last updated: 10/20/2023

1. Introduction

Welcome to MEET AI. We champion privacy and are fully committed to safeguarding your data. Our practices prioritize your privacy, especially in the innovative environment of AI-driven recruitment and interviewing processes.

2. Data Collection

2.1 Personal Identifiers: Names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.
2.2 Professional Data: CVs, work experience, educational background, professional references.
2.3 Interview Data: Responses, evaluations, and feedback generated during AI-conducted interviews.
2.4 Avatar Interactions: Details of user interactions with our AI avatars.
2.5 Technical Metrics: IP addresses, browser types, device information, and geolocation data.

3. Purpose of Data Processing

3.1 Service Delivery: Ensuring efficient and innovative recruitment solutions.
3.2 Avatar Interactions: To personalize and enhance the AI avatar experience.
3.3 Communication: Informing users of updates, offers, and other pertinent details.
3.4 Legal and Compliance: Adhering to legal obligations and standards.

4. Data Protection and Security

4.1 Protocols: We employ advanced encryption, robust firewalls, and secure authentication processes.
4.2 Audits: We conduct regular audits to ensure system integrity and data security.

5. Data Disclosure

5.1 Consent-Based: Predominantly, data is shared after obtaining explicit user consent.
5.2 Strategic Partners: Only with vetted partners who share our high privacy standards.
5.3 Legal Requirements: When necessitated by applicable laws or legal processes.

6. Data Retention and Deletion

6.1 Retention Period: Data is stored only for periods essential to our service or as mandated by law.
6.2 User Deletion Requests: Users can request the deletion of their personal data, subject to any prevailing legal obligations.

7. User Rights

7.1 Access: Users have the right to access their stored data.
7.2 Modification: Users can ask for modifications or corrections to their data.
7.3 Withdrawal: Consent for data processing can be withdrawn at any point.

8. Third-Party Platforms

Though MEET AI may integrate with third-party platforms, we advise a careful review of their individual privacy practices. We diligently select our partners but cannot be held responsible for their individual actions or policies.

9. Privacy Policy Changes

Updates or revisions to this policy will be communicated promptly to ensure user awareness.

10. Contact and Redressal

For any concerns, inquiries, or grievances related to this policy:

Email: [email protected]
Address: 8865 Commodity Cir, Ste 14-103 #290, Orlando, FL 32819

11. Jurisdiction

This policy adheres to and is formulated in line with the laws of Florida, USA.