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Who We Are

Innovative, intelligent and disruptive

In a world where recruitment processes can be complex and time-consuming, Meet.AI is here to transform the hiring landscape. With a focus on advanced artificial intelligence and innovative technologies, Meet.AI is pioneering the future of recruitment, bringing efficiency, intelligence, and unparalleled digital experiences to businesses worldwide.

Meet.AI is reshaping the future of recruitment .

Drawing from our deep understanding of AI, we’ve created a revolutionary platform.

01. Advanced AI Algorithms
02. Intelligent Sourcing and Screening
03. Seamless Workflow Management

Meet Our Team

At Meet.AI, we are proud to have a diverse and talented team of professionals dedicated to revolutionizing the world of recruitment. Our team members bring a wealth of expertise and passion for artificial intelligence, technology, and the future of hiring. Get to know the faces behind Meet.AI:

Mat Fuller

General Manager

Angie Foster

Head of Product

Kate Barnes

Lead Data Scientist

Daisy Roberts

Customer Success Manager

Kamran Lewis

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Lucy Gilmore

UX/UI Designer