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Exceptional Investment
Opportunities with Meet AI

Why Invest in
Meet AI?

We are actively seeking strategic partners prepared to invest $5 million to accelerate the deployment and expansion of our innovative recruitment platform, Meet AI. By participating in this funding round, you will have a unique opportunity to acquire a 20% stake in our company, valued at $20 million. We welcome investments starting from a minimum of $1,000.

Meet AI incorporates AI avatars to automate and personalize the interviewing process, offering unmatched efficiency and precision in candidate assessment. Our technology is capable of conducting up to a million interviews simultaneously, eliminating time and language barriers and unlocking new market opportunities.

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The global recruitment software market is rapidly expanding. By joining us now, you are investing in a solution that not only meets current enterprise needs but also anticipates the future challenges of recruitment.

With 70% of development already completed and fully funded by our founders, Meet AI is poised to launch its beta version in July 2024, followed by the official release in September 2024. Your investment will directly contribute to the final stages of development and the marketing efforts needed to ensure a successful launch.

The current valuation offers significant margin for growth and return on investment. As an initial investor, you are ideally positioned to benefit from the increasing value of Meet AI as we capture market share and expand our global reach.

Our leadership team is composed of recognized experts in technology and management, all dedicated to making Meet AI a market leader.

Your investment will enable us to enhance our team, optimize our technology, and maximize our impact on the market.

By investing in Meet AI, you are not just making a financial transaction, but actively participating in shaping the future of recruitment.

We look forward to welcoming you on our journey to revolutionize this essential and dynamic industry.

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